We are a member of Nexia International

We are a member of Nexia International

Our cooperation with the Nexia International is almost as long as the history of the Nexia Pro Audit. We have been involved in the business for 20 years in total, out of which 16 years we have worked with Nexia International.

Just after establishing PRO AUDIT, we started looking for a “window to the world". We chose Nexia International - a network of audit firms ranked tenth in the world at that time, which was the highest ranked organization in this business segment without a representative office in Poland. Later it turned out, Nexia was seeking a partner, which could meet its requirements for applying international audit standards in Poland for years.

“I remember the meeting of Nexia Europe partners in Graz - the small meeting, just 40 people, for which I had a honour to introduce PRO AUDIT as a new member of the Nexia organization. We have a great pleasure to meet our partners from that time to this day… ”

- says Mirosław Kośmider, the Managing Partner at Nexia Pro Audit

In this way, we became first member of Nexia International in Poland and very soon we started to benefit from this cooperation. Some time later, Nexia and SCI organizations merged, and a large number of new members joined us. We started common business with the largest members of the organization - particularly significant is our business with Ebner Stolz, which has expanded almost exponentially. We are very proud of this expansion and we feel great satisfaction to serve jointly more and more customers of our organization, including large number of global customers served by Ebner Stolz.

And what's more, Nexia International has arranged meetings of partners to develop more direct relations between regional and global partners, and trainings for our managers to help them to develop knowledge, particularly soft skills. The organization comprises also specific task forces such as the IFRS Group, which supports the entire organization in IFRS application. Furthermore, it offers various opportunities to integrate our teams, both within the respective firms as well as within the whole organization. A good example of such integration is the annual Nexia Days. In this event our colleagues from Nexia firms all over the world are involved... Nexia International has become in the meantime global organization of audit, accounting and consulting firms ranked eighth in the world and seventh in Europe.

The great opportunities to conquer larger share in domestic market have appeared over last few years when considering cooperation and support of Nexia International, including Nexia EMEA Board.  Following the arrangements regarding the development of the audit market in Poland, we have implemented some development measures, which resulted in expansion of our business four times over last five years, and, what is particularly important, we expanded our services rendered to the listed companies present on the Warsaw Stock Exchange and New Connect. Specialisation of  firms- members of Nexia International based in Poland by areas of interest contributed considerably to this development. As a result of this segmentation, Nexia Pro Audit keeps focussing on audit and financial consulting services, while the companies, which joined the organization in the meantime - Advicero Nexia and KBA provide tax and general business consulting services, respectively.

Various aspects of our cooperation within Nexia International have had a huge impact also on our customers and on the scope and quality of services provided. Hence, we have been making our best efforts all the time to monitor, develop and improve our cooperation.

June 24 2022
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