Open trainings

Open trainings

Open trainings

We know that knowledge and personal development are the basis of business success

By offering our open trainings, we want to provide you with current knowledge and support you in the development of specific skills.
Characteristic for this type of training is the synergy achieved primarily through the exchange of valuable experiences among people operating in various industries. It allows you to significantly expand your own knowledge, develop competences and skills, and build good practices in a friendly atmosphere.
Training is not only about exact knowledge or skills. In many cases, they help to change the point of view or inspire to search for most favourable solutions and methods.

Trainings in financial review, accounting and IFRS

Workshops on audit procedures

Themed trainings to the needs of organization (accounting, finance, taxes)

Finance for non-financial professionals

For members of supervisory boards and audit committees

Upcoming trainings

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Anna Bosak

Manager at the Training Department | Office Manager

Dominika Kowalik

Management Board Assistant