Audit services

We provide a full range of audit services tailored to individual needs

Audit, review, other audit services


We offer a wide range of practical trainings useful in everyday work

We share knowledge, experience and best practices

Corporate Finance

We support our Clients in making safe financial decisions

We provide a wide range of advisory services

Ranking of Rzeczpospolita

Nexia Pro Audit in 14th place in the Ranking of audit firms in Poland!

We have also been awarded in our pro-social activities

Nexia International

We belong to Nexia International network operating in over 120 countries

Nexia International features over 570 offices in over 100 countries


Increasing security of our Clients and support of their business development are our primary objectives. Therefore, as Nexia Pro Audit, we take care to provide you with full range of top standard audit, accounting, and advisory services tailored to your individual needs.

We provide a full range of audit services
We advise in different business areas
We provide comprehensive accounting services
We provide consulting services in the field of finance


Owing to their profound experience in consulting and audit for particular sectors, Nexia Pro Audit experts render services tailored to our Clients’ business needs. We help to implement solutions to improve your competitive advantage on the market, and to improve your efficiency while keeping your organisation safe and secure.

About Us

As Nexia Pro Audit, we support our Clients in safe development, streamlining their business processes and optimisation of the applied solutions. We share our broad international experience and expertise.

We provide individually tailored support to every Client, helping them to improve their competitive advantage on the market and their business culture.

As part of a leading international audit network, Nexia International, we link international potential of an efficient global structure with profound national experience and individual care of every Client.

Managing Partner | Statutory Auditor
Partner | Statutory Auditor
Partner | ACCA
Head of Accounting | Statutory Auditor
Director | Statutory Auditor
Manager | Statutory Auditor
Manager at the Training Department | Office Manager

Our environment keeps changing at an increasingly quicker pace. Therefore, those of us who wish to follow the ongoing changes and develop, who wish to achieve better competitive standing, must not only take care of development and updating their knowledge, but also of acquiring practical skills, including hard professional competences and soft skills. In order to meet those needs, we offer a broad range of hands-on training. Our intention is to provide you not only with reliable substantive expertise, but also practical tips which are useful in everyday work, and to make sure that you spend your time in a friendly atmosphere that facilitates sharing knowledge and experiences.


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