For professionals

For professionals

For professionals

Professionalism is one of the key values in our everyday work

If you care to develop your competences and significant autonomy, you are in the right place. Apart from working in a friendly atmosphere, Nexia Pro Audit offers opportunities for continuous qualifications improvement. You will have opportunities to test your knowledge while working on various projects, and to shape career paths of our young talents. Owing to the cooperation with Nexia International, you will have opportunities to participate in foreign training courses, and to share knowledge among our member companies from various countries worldwide.

We are looking for people who like what they do and share our values.

It is worth joining us. Why?

Friendly atmosphere

Cooperation, mutual assistance, and respect form important aspects of our corporate culture. People working at Nexia Pro Audit are open, and treat each other as partners. We get to know one another not only during projects, but also through lunches together, sharing the same passions, or during integration meetings.

Real development opportunities

Continuous improvement of our knowledge and qualifications forms an important element of our actions. Our employees can take part in in-house trainings or away courses for auditors, as well as training courses and webinars organised by Nexia International. We also provide assistance with acquisition of auditor qualifications.

Autonomy and impact on the organisational culture

Our experienced employees, apart from significant autonomy, can prove their project management skills and help young talents to flourish. In Nexia Pro Audit, you can be sure that your proposals and initiatives will always be accounted for. It is our employees who have the fundamental role in developing Nexia Pro Audit and in its perception by our existing and future Clients.

Flexible working time

Perhaps you have various limitations, or family commitments, and you fear that working in fixed hours is not for you? To our employees, we offer flexible working time, working from home, or additional days off work. We want all these elements to help you build your work-life balance.


Our employees are the most important to us; therefore, we invest in their development, and we follow our shared values in our everyday work. We are ready for long-term cooperation, and we want everyone to feel an important part of Nexia Pro Audit. We take care of one another, and we support each other in achievement of our goals, both professional and private.

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